About the Ceremony

The Jewish wedding ceremony is something which has been cobbled together over time and includes Nissuin and Erusin – an engagement and a nuptial. Originally these two were separated over time but in our times they are included together and separated by reading a Ketubah which is a marital contract. The word Ketubah comes from the root kaf-tav-bet which means “a writing” which is what a contract is along with the acceptance of terms by bride and groom.

In the state of California a marriage license is required. You can read about the California state requirements here.

The Jewish ceremony takes approximately 25-30 minutes and an interfaith ceremony takes perhaps a few minutes longer depending upon what the requirements are and if you are using two clergy persons.

Rabbi Rosenberg’s fees are available upon request following an interview with the couple so that he can judge the amount of time and travel needed to fulfill your dream ceremony.

In order for Rabbi to do a personalized ceremony, he needs to get to know the both of you. This requires several face-to-face meetings in his office, his home or via Skype.  At that time he will interview you both and ask you to tell him your story: how you met, what your dating was like, how and when you were engaged, and what you both love about each other. To these interviews he will add his general remarks about marriage and whatever specific outside material seems to apply to you. These will comprise the section of the ceremony when he speaks about you. After all, the day is all about you! It is your time!

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